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Code: ZES-200

ZES-200 coffe maker

The essence of subtle taste, sophisticated aroma and velvety smoothness

Ze-presso Café uses the very latest technology to brew espresso by the ‘pre-infusion’ system that extracts unique coffee aromas.
The finest, fresh, hand picked, roasted coffee is infused with high-pressure steam, which extracts the coffee’s rich texture and captures the very essence of flavour. Enjoy coffee as it should be drunk, experience Ze-presso Café.
So easy and safe to use, with only the touch of a button you can enjoy the finest of Italian barista-style coffee in the comfort of your own home.
Choose you own water level to a savour a longer espresso or experience the intense kick of a shorter espresso, in your own home café put the world on hold for a while and relax.

Ze-presso Café brews espresso:
  • at the exact optimum water temperature of 88ºC
  • with high-pressure steam entering the coffee capsules
  • in only 25 seconds
  • with a rich chestnut-coloured crema, with dark bronze edges

You can experience the taste of classic espresso coffee, or enrich it with your favourite additions, creating other types of coffee such as latte, cappuccino, mocha or macchiato.

Select the type of coffee you like, depending on its blend and strength, from the unique Ze-presso Café collection. Four types of carefully prepared coffee are placed in special capsules holding the correct amount for one cup of espresso, 7 grams being the equivalent of one coffee spoon. However, this amount may be altered to suit individual preferences, and a cup of espresso may be made from two or more capsules.
Make sure that the water temperature in your coffee maker is correct for espresso. The optimal temperature is between 88º and 90ºC. A lower temperature will not make a good cup, while a higher one may burn the coffee, giving it a bitter taste and unpleasant smell. The first drops make the upper part of the espresso, maintaining proper temperature until completion of the brewing process and being the base for 2-4 ml of the crema. The crema on the top of the espresso is the final moment of the brewing process, the visual proof for adequate brewing process.

(A) - Coffee button with GREEN indicator light
(B) - ON button with RED indicator light
(C) - Hatch opening and closing lever
(D) - Capsule holding hatch
(E) - Coffee distributor
(F) - Capsule holding basket. Can hold up to 12/14 capsules.
(G) - Cup holding grill
(H) - Excess liquid tray
(L) - Storage tank
(M) - Area for resting cups

Included with your machine are the following:
  • 2 empty orange capsules - required for the first use of the machine and for subsequent washing.
  • 1 brush for cleaning the coffee distributor.
  • 1 bag of ecological Ze-presso descaler.

Technical characteristics

   Dimensions    W305 x D185 x H265 mm   
   Type    CUBE
   Weight    3.90 kg
   Voltage    220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
   Water tank capacity    1 litre
   Power    820-980 W
   Pump pressure    19 bar