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Code: ZES-100

ZES-100 coffe maker

An elegant, new-generation pressurised coffee-maker for encapsulated coffee

Equipped with a transparent water container, a pump with a pressure of 18 bars and a handle, the machine makes it easy to brew espresso by the ‘pre-infusion’ system that extracts unique coffee aromas. The simple panel of only two buttons - one for switching the appliance on and the other indicating when the correct water temperature is reached - makes this the easiest way ever of preparing perfect espresso. The adjustable water level allows you to dose the water in accordance with your individual taste preferences and to prepare either traditional or long espresso quickly. ZES-100 set is composed by the Ze-presso Café maker, 2 orange capsules and Ecokal, the ecological scale remover.

Ze-presso Café incorporates the latest technological advances giving:
  • Optimal water temperature of 88ºC.
  • Correct pressure of water entering the coffee capsule.
  • Fast brewing time of only 25 seconds.
  • A rich crema, chestnut coloured with dark bronze edges.

Moreover, the dense structure of the crema keeps small air bubbles from sinking to the bottom after  preparation.
In short, this is an excellent solution for making delicious Italian espresso especially for you in a simple and pleasant way. All the functions are very practical and user-friendly
  • Detachable water tank (capacity 1000 cm3)
  • Pressure pump (nominal pressure 20 bars) ZE-PRESSO CAFÉ satisfies the world’s highest quality standards
  • Fully certified (TÜV-GS certificate)
  • Warranty included
(A) – main on/off switch | (B) – starting indicator (around the A switch) highlighted RED | (C) – push-button starting the brewing process     (D) – stand-by indicator – indicates right temperature and water pressure for brewing coffee (around C push-button) highlighted GREEN (E) – door opening handle | (F) – door handle of the capsules | (G) – coffee maker nozzle | (H) – used capsules container (I) – steel plate holding the cup | (J) – coffee droplets holder | (K) – water holder | (L) – cleaning capsules

Technical characteristics

   Type    41054   
   Voltage    220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
   Power    820-980 W
   Pressure    20 bar (2MPa)
   Dimensions:    18x26.5x31 cm
   Lightweight:    4 Kg