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Code: ZEP-300G
Code: ZEP-300M


Whether you are a coffee lover or tea dreamer, the stylish and functional ZEPRESSO TREND offers everything you desire in terms of quality and taste.
ZEPRESSO TREND is an essential modern appliance; small and lightweight, it’s perfectly simple to use and easy to maintain. Made exclusively from the highest quality materials to meet the world’s strictest criteria.

The Zepresso trend is the new generation machine for hot and cold beverages for encapsulated drinks.

State-of-the-art technologies ensure that the wide variety of speciality drinks, from coffee and tea to Medizep always impress with their quality. The machine is easy to operate being ready for the next cup of hot or cold drink in no time.
The golden color is the perfect fit for the traditional, classy and refined taste, while the joyful Mondrian design suits the free, eccentric and outgoing taste.
Trendy design and innovative technology for people who demand the highest standards!

Zepresso Trend schema

(A) - Handle (1) - Hot Beverage 50ml
(B) - Buttons (2) - Hot Beverage 120ml
(C) - Dispenser (3) - Cold Beverage 120ml
(D) - Used Capsule Container
       10 capsule capacity
The beverage buttons can be reprogrammed to your desired volume.
(E) - Drip Tray Cover (4) - Rinse Function
(F) - Drip Tray
       Rinse Daily
(G) - Main Switch (+) - The dispenser is height adjustable which allows it to adapt to various cup sizes.
(H) - Power Cord  
(I) - Power Plug  
(J) - Water Tank  
(K) - Water Tank Lid  

Technical Data

   Name    ZEPRESSO GOLD /
   Models    ZEP-300G / ZEP-300M
   Dimensions    118 mm (W) x 365 mm (L) x 250 mm (H)
   Weight    approx. 3.31 KG
   Voltage    220-240 V
   Water tank capacity    0.8 litre
   Power    1260 W
   Pump pressure    19 bars
   Designed in Switzerland