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Lexi lid
Code: VS-018-16
Lexi lid
Code: VS-018-20
Lexi lid
Code: VS-018-24
Universal lid
Code: VS-014-08
Universal lid
Code: VS-014-16


Ingenious and practical, VacSy® lids come in 2 different models:
  • Lexi lids: specially designed for Zepter cookware.
  • Universal lids: suitable for commercial containers as well as for the patented VacSy® line. Depending on the characteristcs of the food, there is a choice of 2 different containers:
  • Polycarbonate containers: suitable for dry foods, made of food-safe material
  • Soda-lime tempered glass containers: thermal shock resistant up to 90°C; suitable for food with a high water content

*All VacSy® lids are made of food-safe material
 All VacSy lids are made of food-safe material

VacSy lid schema


The smart, easy and practical rotating disk G features the following characteristics:

A  Valve - the vent for inserting
   the VacSy® pump.

B  The VACUUM position enables
  air extraction.

C  The CLOSE position vacuum
  seals the container.

D  The OPEN position releases
  the vacuum.

All VacSy® Lids have a practical built-in calendar with MONTH E and DAY INDICATOR, F  so you can easily know the date of the food was vacuum packed or the expiry date.